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One Toronto Street, P.O. Box 28,
Suite 910,
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2V6

Tel: 416-368-0600 Fax: 416-368-6068

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Directions to our office: We are located in downtown Toronto, on the north side of King Street East, 2 blocks east of Yonge Street. Parking is available underground (entrance at north side of building), or at numerous surface lots in the area.



First NameLast NamePhone NumberEmailvCard
David Bleiwas 416-368-5956
Wesley Brown 416-368-1744
Libby Burnham 416-368-0600
Kevin Gallagher 416-368-0323
Shane Greaves 416-593-3772
Shane E. Kazushner 416-368-6431
Emily Lukaweski 416-368-7814
V. Ross Morrison 416-368-5972
Laila Parvez 416-368-0491
Christopher Robertson 416-368-9583
Natalie Schernitzki 416-368-0516
John Singer 416-364-4400
Morris Sosnovitch 416-368-6444
Lisa Tan 416-364-7404
Derwin Wong 416-368-0582

Student At Law

First NameLast NamePhone NumberEmailvCard
Brian Nguyen 416-368-0600 x 306

Litigation Assistants

First NameLast NamePhone NumberEmailvCard
Ana Calvo 416-368-0600 x 234
Rajwinder Purewal 416-368-0600 x 235

Real Estate Assistants and Clerks

First NameLast NamePhone NumberEmailvCard
Dona Barbiani 416-368-0600 x 236
Anicca Melo 416-364-7404
Nicole O'Connor 416-368-0600 x 240
Jody Strum 416-368-0600 x 217

Corporate Assistants and Clerks

First NameLast NamePhone NumberEmailvCard
Rosanna Burkart 416-368-0600 x 218
Nichole Castillo 416-368-0600 x 241
Haylee Le 416-368-0600 x 211
Cyndy Vojtko 416-368-0600 x 204


First NameLast NamePhone NumberEmailvCard
Helen Almada 416-368-0600 x 232
Connie Cleckner 416-368-0600
Ginger Drew 416-646-4978
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